Keeping families healthy

with good hand hygiene

Hand Hygiene has long been recognised as one of the most simple and effective ways to break the chain of infection and stop the spread of disease. HappyHandz are here to help educate and promote healthy hand hygiene habits to help keep families healthy. HappyHandz have been providing schools, preschools and retailers with their educational resources and hand hygiene products since 2017.

We make hand hygiene easy

We make hand hygiene effective

We make hand hygiene fun

Hand Hygiene Education 

HappyHandz have developed a range of educational resources to teach kids how to stay healthy with good hand hygiene. With a range of resources, including a great hand washing song and five fun HappyHandz Heroes, kids will be washing their hands better than ever. Ideal for use in Childcare Centres and Schools.

Free access to HappyHandz educational resources available.

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Hand Hygiene Products

HappyHandz make a fantastic range of quality hand hygiene products, all made in Australia using Australian sourced ingredients at a TGA-licensed manufacturing site.

HappyHandz unique coloured foaming hand soaps are great for making hand washing fun! They are made using plant-derived moisturisers, are fragrance-free, SLS-free & Paraben-free, making them a safe and fun to use products for kids.

HappyHandz alcohol-free foaming hand sanitiser is great for kids and those with sensitive skin. It does not dry out your skin like alcohol-based sanitisers can. It does not sting cuts. Is non-toxic and non-harmful if ingested. Effective at killing 99.9% of germs and continues to fight germs for up to 4hrs after application. A quality foaming product containing plant-derived moisturisers, making it really nice to use. 

HappyHandz also make a fantastic range of alcohol-based liquid spray and gel hand sanitisers. For those who would prefer to use an alcohol-based hand sanitiser, HappyHandz quality formulas made using 70% ethanol and moisturisers, provides an effective and nice to use hand sanitiser.

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Proudly Australian made & owned, our mission is to make effective hand hygiene a way of life so Aussie families can keep healthy with good hand hygiene.