Sick of your kids getting sick?

Did you know optimum health for children is literally at their fingertips…

It’s Simple. It’s Hand Hygiene ! And HappyHandz is here to help

We make hand hygiene easy

We make hand hygiene effective

We make hand hygiene fun

Teaching our little ones to clean their hands properly has been proven as the best way to stop them getting sick. The National Health and Medical Research Council of Australia recognises that  “One of the most simple and effective ways to break the chain of infection and stop the spread of diseases is effective hand hygiene”

Hand Hygiene Education 

HappyHandz are here to teach kids how to stay healthy with good hand hygiene.

With a range of resources, including a great hand washing song and five fun HappyHandz Heroes, kids will be washing their hands better than ever.

Ideal for use in Childcare Centres and Preschools.

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Hand Hygiene Products

HappyHandz have developed a range of hand hygiene products especially for kids. Products that are safe and fun for kids to use.

Our unique coloured foaming soaps and alcohol-free foaming hand sanitiser are made in Australia using natural, plant-dervied ingredients and are fragrance-free, SLS-free & Paraben-free.

Featuring The HappyHandz Heroes and QR codes for access to our hand washing video, kids will love washing their hands with HappyHandz.

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Proudly Australian made & owned, our mission is to make effective hand hygiene a way of life so Aussie kids can grow up being healthy HappyHandz kidz!