HappyHandz 4 Preschools

Keeping Kids Healthy

with Good Hand Hygiene

Families are all too familiar with kids coming home sick from preschool or childcare.

A simple solution – Good Hand Hygiene!

Hand hygiene is regarded as the most simple & effective way to stop the spread of infection!

Getting kids to clean their hands properly can be a difficult task. And unless kids are doing it well – they will not be preventing themselves or others from getting sick.

Engaging and educating kids in hand hygiene is a great way to keep kids healthy. And that is what HappyHandz is here to do! HappyHandz can provide Preschools and Childcare Centres with educational and fun resources to get kids excited about hand hygiene, and more importantly – get kids doing it well!

HappyHandz will provide FREE access to our educational resources for registered centres.  

  • HappyHandz hand washing video (view below), teaching kids how to wash their hands following the World Health Organisation’s guidelines
  • Powerpoint presentation (with educator notes)
  • Posters
  • Activity Cards
  • Mini Experiments

Kids will love learning all about hand hygiene with the HappyHandz Characters.

Register your Preschool or Childcare Centre to receive all the resources and educational material you’ll need to make healthy little HappyHandz Heroes at your centre.

HappyHandz Products 4 preschools

HappyHandz have developed a range of products to specifically engage and educate kids in hand hygiene. We offer kid-safe and environmentally friendly products that will get kids excited about cleaning their hands!

Our Mobile Sanitising Station is a great addition to any Preschool or Childcare Centre.

Built to a child-friendly height and for use with our alcohol-free foaming sanitiser – Centres can provide kids with an easy-to-use and safe sanitising solution.

Offering a kid-safe sanitiser at your Centre is a great way to compliment the hand washing already being implemented. A sure way to help stop the spread of infection – keeping kids and families healthy.
FREE Mobile Sanitising Stations available for use with our alcohol-free foaming sanitiser.

Our range of coloured foaming soaps make hand washing fun, with a colour to match each of the HappyHandz Characters.

Our soap is fragrance-free, sulphate-free & phosphate-free and made in Australia using natural, plant-derived ingredients.

HappyHandz can also provide centres with bamboo paper towel products that offer an environmentally-friendly solution.

Contact Us to enquire about using HappyHandz products at your Centre


HappyHandz Fundraiser

A great new fundraiser for Preschools and Childcare Centres!

Families will love the opportunity to continue the healthy hand hygiene habits their kids have been learning at preschool. Kids will love using products at home that feature the HappyHandz Characters. And parents will love the kid-safe formulas that the whole family can enjoy using.

A perfect fundraiser to offer great products to families and raise money for your Centre!

Contact Us if you would like to offer a HappyHandz Fundraiser at your Centre