Choose one of our great bundles that include delivery to anywhere in Australia

  • Can't choose a favourite HappyHandz Hero? Buy this bundle and enjoy them all. Includes all 5 character bag tags with 30ml sanitiser. Includes delivery to anywhere in Australia
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  • These super bundles will provide your family with all the essentials needed for fun and easy hand hygiene at home and on the go. Includes 250ml coloured foaming soap and Bag Tag featuring your favourite HappyHandz Hero, 30ml refill, 250ml and 50ml sanitiser, plus a BONUS STICKY PAD SET Includes delivery to anywhere in Australia
  • Which HappyHandz Hero is your favourite? These mini bundles will allow you to enjoy the coloured foaming soap and cute bag tag that features your favourite HappyHandz hero. Includes 250ml coloured foaming soap, Bag Tag with 30ml sanitiser plus a 50ml sanitiser. Includes delivery to anywhere in Australia
  • Choose one of our mini sanitiser bundles which includes your favourite HappyHandz Hero bag tag with 30ml sanitiser, 2 x extra 30ml refills, and a 50ml sanitiser bottle. Includes delivery to anywhere in Australia
  • Unique coloured foaming soaps to make hand washing fun. Made in Australia using natural, plant-derived ingredients to provide a gentle, moisturising formula. Fragrance-free, Paraben-free & Sulphate-free. Bottles feature a QR code for kids to view the HappyHandz hand washing video as they wash their hands.        
  • Designed to hold our mini 30ml sanitiser bottles, these adorable character bag tags can be hung on kids school bags for convenient access to our alcohol-free foaming sanitiser throughout the day. Available in all 5 HappyHandz characters: Fairy, Cowgirl, Superhero, Pirate and Monkey. Includes 30ml bottle of our alcohol-free foaming sanitiser    
  • Our alcohol-free foaming sanitiser provides a gentle, yet effective formula that is safe for kids. Kills 99.9% of germs and remains active for up to 4hrs. Made using natural, plant-based moisturisers to leave hands feeling nice and soft. Non-toxic and non-flammable, making it ideal for use in schools and childcare centres.
    Our sanitiser comes in 250ml pump bottles, 50ml "on-the-go"  bottles and 30ml mini pump bottles for use with our silicone character bag tags. Our sanitiser is also available in 2 litre pouring bottles for use in our dispensers.
    Contact us if you would like to order our sanitiser for use in our FREE dispensers!
  • Use these sticky pads to hold your phone or kids device in place for when kids want to wash their hands to the HappyHandz hand washing song and animation. Includes two sticky pads - a flat one for wall mounting and a folding one for bench-top use
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  • Our Mobile Sanitising Station enables hand hygiene at your children's fingertips anytime / anywhere. Built to a child-friendly height and features an educational display board teaching kids how to sanitise their hands. Also includes our automatic foam dispenser, eliminating risk of cross-contamination.   We are currently offering ECEC Services FREE mobile sanitising stations for use with our alcohol-free foaming sanitiser. Contact Us if you would like a FREE mobile sanitising station
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  • Our dispensers can be filled with our soap or sanitiser. They are sensor activated, eliminating cross contamination and reducing wastage. Mount them on the wall or pair them with our HappyHandz Mobile Dispenser Stand to have Hand Hygiene available anytime, anywhere.   We are currently offering FREE dispensers to ECEC Centres for use with our coloured foaming soap or alcohol-free foaming sanitiser. Contact us if you would like FREE dispensers 
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  • HappyHandz paper towel is made from 100% bamboo, with no harmful chemicals, making them soft and gentle on kids skin and the environment. Will fit into most existing towel dispensers, or pair with a HappyHandz towel dispenser   Contact us if you would like to order our paper towel for use in your centre or school
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