HappyHandz Products 4 Schools

HappyHandz “Premium Classroom Packs” are a simple way to stock classrooms with the hand hygiene essentials kids need throughout the school year – Soap, Sanitiser, Paper Towel and Tissues.

Access to hand sanitisers in the classroom has been shown to reduce student absenteeism due to sickness by a whopping 50.6% (American Journal of Infection Control)

Not only will students benefit from having premium quality Australian made products, that have been developed specifically for kids, schools can also benefit from HappyHandz Fundraisers.

HappyHandz Products offer a great range of kid-safe & environmentally-friendly products:

  • Soaps & Sanitisers made using natural, renewable, plant-derived ingredients
  • Alcohol-free, Fragrance-free, Phosphate-free & Sulphate-free products
  • Non-toxic & non-flammable sanitiser; making it safe for schools and students
  • Fun coloured foaming soaps
  • Interactive products teaching kids how to clean their hands
  • Environmentally-friendly bamboo paper products
  • Australian manufactured soaps and sanitisers

Our HappyHandz ‘Premium Classroom Packs’ include:



  • 250ml coloured foaming soap
  • 250ml alcohol-free foaming sanitiser
  • Sleeve (200 sheets) of bamboo paper towel
  • Box of bamboo tissues




Bonus Free Towel Dispensers for use with our bamboo paper towel                                                         (1 free dispenser for every 20 packs purchased)

Choose HappyHandz ‘Premium Classroom Packs’ for use at your school and provide students with premium products at competitive prices. 

Please Contact Us for special prices for your school.


HappyHandz Fundraiser

A great way to raise money for your school!

School P&C’s can offer HappyHandz ‘Premium Classroom Packs’ for parents to purchase as their contribution to classroom supplies. Additional HappyHandz products can be offered to families as part of the HappyHandz Fundraiser, with a percentage of all sales going back to the school.

Contact Us if you would like to offer a HappyHandz Fundraiser at your school