Chrissy, Teacher, NSW South Coast

“The HAPPYHANDZ sanitiser system has been a very welcome addition to my classroom! The children love using it, and the automatic function makes it so quick and easy to incorporate it into our daily routine. The system has encouraged healthy habits and it’s so reassuring knowing the children have a cleaner and healthier classroom environment!”

Gerringong Coastal Cottage
Early Learning Centre

“HappyHandz we could not be happier with your sanitiser! You guys rock!!! Thank you! “

Teagan Armstrong

Nominated Supervisor, Lake Heights Little Peoples

My service was lucky enough to receive the HappyHandz product in early November and we have had exceptional results!

Staff, families, children and visitors use the HappyHandz sanitiser as soon as they enter and depart the building, where it has now become a routine for all. The week after we received our HappyHandz machine we had an outbreak of infectious illnesses within the service. The product couldn’t have come at a better time, as the children, staff and families’ became consistent with using the HappyHandz, it definitely assisted in minimising the spread of the infectious diseases. It also created reassurance for the families during this time as they knew their child was cleaning their hands thoroughly before departing the centre each day. Since receiving the product we have had an overwhelming amount of gratitude and positive feedback from families, and the children absolutely love it!

Thank you HappyHandz